Saturday, February 1, 2020

From One Woman To Another: Make the Change

I remember once sitting in my leader’s office talking about change and why we do not do it. Why do we not just go for it? Let us be completely honest, this is all a game. A long game. A game of strategy and influence. Sometimes, earlier in our careers, we do not have it. We do not possess the network, influential leadership skills, the reputation to drive that kind of large scale change. Ok, and to keep this 100% truthful, sometimes you need to be the more senior-level person.
But sometimes you just have to play the game to get to a place where you can drive, support, and be the change you wished to see. The problem is - is that sometimes we forget how it felt. How it used to be before you go to where you are. That’s why I write, that’s why there are reliable studies that suggest the higher you go professionally, the more you need to keep a journal. So sometimes you have to get to the place where you can actually make the change and then do it.

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