Wednesday, February 5, 2020

From One Woman To Another: How Does Self Determination Impact Business

For us to be “better” at business, we need to be “better” at understanding people. One of the best ways to start this journey is through the understanding of the basic human needs, these needs do not change because you have preverbally “clocked-in” at work. These basic building blocks of human need are deeply hardwired into the way we perceive the world and account for our “flight v. fight” (threat) responses. I will focus on an easy way to remember the domains of human needs via an acronym from the NeuroLeadership Institute. This, in my observation, is a nod or an expansion of the self-determination theory, which only has 3 attributes.
Five Domains of SCARF:
Status refers to one’s sense of importance relative to others - a level of significance (Am I perceived as being less than or better than others)
Certainty refers to one’s need for clarity and the ability to make accurate predictions about the future (Can I predict outcomes)
Autonomy is tied to the sense of control over the events in one’s life and the perception that one’s behavior has an effect on the results of the situation (Sense of control)
Relatedness covers one’s sense of connectedness to and security with another person: in-group or out-group (if you are not actively including, you are accidentally excluding)
Fairness refers to a just and nonbiased exchange between people (the perception of fair trade or transparency)
The reason that self-determination matters is because it is so closely linked to threat and reward. We are continually looking for threats, about every 5 seconds.
Further, we are a species that is built on the foundation of the desire to feel the reward. We are motivated by “reward” (in whatever form it comes). Now when you apply this to a working environment, there are so many incredible ways that this manifests it little head; performance discussions, any feedback, gratitude and recognition, recruitment, promotions, and meeting practices, to name a few. All the things that impact the way people see and engage in their workplace, for the better or the bad. My advice, try when you can, to be intentional in EVERY interaction that you - and see how much of a difference it makes.

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