Friday, February 28, 2020

From One Woman to Another: They May Never "Get You"

I have come to the solemn and weight lifting conclusion, some people may never understand me. And that is ok. We are all different thinkers with a billion different thoughts and perceptions of the world. And that is ok. With that understanding, I can accept that most people may not ever get where I am coming from. And that is ok. What is not ok is to stop being you, the uniquely and imperfectly made you. What we have the tendency to do is to adjust who we naturally are to accommodate those around us. When we make those adjustments to ourselves, maybe the way we dress, the way we speak, when or if we speak up in a conversation, or sharing our most vulnerable selves. 

Just our of fear of not being understood, we tailor ourselves unconsciously to our environment. There is a lot at play and much of it comes from our fear of emotional pain. (Fight or flight is real!) When we live in fear of people not understanding us, we will lose the fire in our hearts. But at the moment we sometimes forget to ask ourselves, why am I hurt and scared? Push those thoughts out of your beautiful mind! I cannot continue to self-censor myself. To live for the sake of someone else, and allow it to subconsciously reflect on my outwardly. I cannot allow someone to make me feel uncomfortable or less than in MY skin. Get it together - you know you better than anyone else’s assumption of who they think you are. Build a gold and diamond bridge and get over this!

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