Saturday, February 1, 2020

Black History Month: From One Woman To Another

In honor of black history month, I will honor the people who pulled me up with them in business with tips from a black woman professional (still growing and learning). I will publish a tip a day for the next 29 days. There are just so many incredible leaders of all races and backgrounds who have been influential in my life. This is my way of paying it forward. Here is to y’all!

February Topics
  1. Make the Change 
  2. Exceeding Performance Expectations
  3. Build Trusting Relationships
  4. How Does Self Determination Impact Business
  5. A Safe Support System
  6. Give 'Em the Why
  7. What Happens When Your Not In the Room
  8. Your Network is Your Net Worth 
  9. I Promise - You Are Not Alone
  10. Learn the Art of Influential Leadership 
  11. Think Through Your Work
  12. Walk with Your Head Up
  13. They May Never "Get You"
  14. Don’t Quit - Even When You Want To
  15. Led With What You Know
  16. Articulate the WIFM
  17. How Can I Be Better
  18. Start Your Day In The Word 
  19. Develop The people around you 
  20. Everyone Is Biased
  21. Don’t Ever Let 'Em See You Sweat 
  22. Learn the Business
  23. But What If They Do Not Like Me?
  24. Accept the Feedback
  25. When You Can Travel - Do It
  26. Pray for the Yes or the Yuck 
  27. Black Minds Matter
  28. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable 
  29. Growing Pains - "Growing Feel Goods"

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