Wednesday, February 5, 2020

From One Woman To Another: A Safe Support System

Possessing a selective and robust support system is critical, and I briefly touched on this in my recent post Building Trusting Relationships. You have to have your someone(s), now this doesn’t mean someone at work necessarily, but someone(s) who can provide you with the honest perception and feedback that you desire and sometimes do not want. But further to be that someone that you can just “offload” it all too. 
We all need someone to speak honestly and sometimes, frustratingly to and with, and this person or those people should be “safe.” By safe, I mean someone who will not trigger a threat response from you, because the trust has been built over time. Someone who will not judge you, but will also listen and, if desired, provide you with honest feedback. Find and keep your people, these will be some of the most valued relationships that you ever have.

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