Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Intentionality & Purpose: Why do you need both?

As I start this journey with my oldest daughter on Duvet to Desk Discussions, I am really taking a hard look at intentionality. (I mean, how do you corral a 9-year-old into having intentional discussions around vast topics???? But she wanted to be apart of it...) I have recently had some new experiences with the word intentionality. Most people in their heart of hearts believe that they are intentional. I am speaking, specifically, on intentionality that drives your unconscious thoughts and behaviors. However, I have found that intentions do not have a voice when your actions proceed you.

Meaning, you can say your as intentional and thoughtful as the sky is blue, but if your actions do not match (primarily your efforts when things are tough), then you, dear, are not intentional. For example, all the positive vibes and thoughts and intents in the world don't mean shit unless you actually do something with them (this is social media activism at its finest. Wow! I cannot stand the phrase "thoughts and prayers" posted on someone's page with almost no intention to action. Yes- I appreciate the prayers, but you know, can you help a sister out?!)

Starting - with breaking the age-old habit not fulfilling promises to one's self. If you can break a commitment to yourself - you'll break a promise to anyone else.

Next - only you can fix the version of you currently to be the you-you desire to be and want the world to see. Stop painting over your cracks (your flaws) to pretend that they do not exist. The ancient Chinese have a brilliant way of fixing porcelain that is broken, they fill it with gold and piece it back together. Find your flaws, which we all have, embrace them, and fill them will gold. Let the world know you are wonderfully and beautifully made-flaws and all. And not you are on your intentional journey to becoming the you-you were made to be.

Additionally - consistently intentional action is strangely linked to the idea and concept of passion/purpose. Purpose, to me, is doing what sets my soul on fire and makes my heart sing. I cannot break promises and commitments to something that my entire being longs to do. 

But, I am quickly finding that (equally saddening) most people never find passion. Searching for passion requires intentionality, sometimes heartache, many times failing forward, learning, and growth. You will not discover your purpose under a mythical rock somewhere. Just patiently waiting for you to find it. You have to learn and grow your passion. It is the most profound evolution of your character and person. This is the sum of all things that encompass curiosity and passion. The 2 drivers that, when combined and utilized, vastly outweigh IQ. Delivering on results that are far superior to IQ. And creating change that withstands the ultimate test of time. 

When you blend intentionality and passion, you get and an explosion of insight and action. Both leading and driving to the ultimate forms of joy, peace, and clarity. Keeping in mind that you only have ONE life to live. ONE shot at this fantastic, complicated, beautiful, and challenging thing called life, and the ONLY thing that you cannot get back is time. So, "If time were the currency by which we measure the success of our lives, would we spend it differently?" 

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