Monday, December 2, 2019

Prevailing As A Corporate Christian 

How did the apostle do it? How did they keep going when the fight got rough? How did they manage to remain focused when the world seemed against them?

I was once advised by someone I highly respect to start my day with the word. I was then given similar advice from another person who I highly admire. And I true Tiffany fashion, I “did it.” But I didn’t take it in; I just kind of “did it.” Then one day, I needed it - bad. I needed to lean so hard and so deeply on God that I realized at that moment why the advice had been given to me. 

It is so hard to be a true and honest Christian in the corporate world. By true I am remaining truth in your faith, that it is foremost the most important thing I have. Honest meaning that I am honest with myself in my actions and words, reflecting the life of a grace-filled person. I hate to say it, but it is the honest truth, every day is a battle and balance act between the profitable growth of the company and doing things the right way. Because ultimate a company is not a living breathing entity (so often we personify companies we attribute human characteristics to a non-living entity) - but the people who make it up are. And the people who make up the company or just as flawed and imperfect as the next. Therefore, we see those flaws and imperfections in the 2080 hours a year we spend together and it is so much easier to see the flaws and imperfections of others and not ourselves (hints the next blog post on "Boasting About Weakness")

Starting my day in the word is a work in progress. It is something that requires conscious effort for me and focus. It is not yet quite a habit - but someday it will be. I start my day in the word because it allows me to stay and remain focused on purpose, but more importantly, that this - this world and all that is in it is temporary. It puts things into perspective - honest and true.  

"The Lord my Lord is my strength;
He makes my feet like those of deer
and enables me to walk
on mountain heights!"
Habakkuk 3:19

Daily we all fight the preverbal “good fight.” Sometimes we do not all see eye to eye or have to the same perspective, but that’s the beauty of life. The goal is to maintain faith in an ever passing away world. To live a life of grace in the cutthroat theatrics of the corporate culture.  Show people kindness, when it seems that conducting business appears to be the sole priority, but that can only be achieved when anchored in faith. That’s why I start the day with the word.

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