Saturday, August 17, 2019

Thoughts to My Past: Decisions

If I could write myself a letter at 17 & 23 (ask me privately why I chose those years of my life...) this is what it would say to me, as an "adult." The focus of this letter is decisions, the process of moving in spite of fear to conquer failure. Sometimes we don’t make the best ones but the best part is we learn (sometimes… I think…I think we sometimes learn).


I am writing you this letter as a 32-year-old woman, who still has to make decisions. I am certain that nowhere in your wildest dreams did you ever think that you would be capable of making the decisions that you have made. Moving where you have moved. Going where you have gone. Some horrible, but taught you the most. Some amazing, and changed your life in ways you are still seeing (there is one in particular that fills your heart every time you think about it). Some that required nothing more of you than to be still and wait.

We have had to accept it as a truth that decision making never gets any easier. And not to sound terribly cliché BUT, they only get more serious, impactful, and more difficult. But also, the best decision you can make is to do nothing in the immediate moment. Yes! That is a decision, it is a choice. 

Something else we have managed to get out of our decision-making abilities is that you cannot allow your emotions to paralyze you in fear of decision making. Or allow yourself to make a decision in a highly illogical and emotional state. It seems as though the decisions that used to be difficult become increasingly easier, but the impact of those decisions is greater. The stakes are so much higher because your decisions are not made in a vacuum. They greatly impact the lives of all of those around you. 

  1. Like 5:16: Tune Out Distractions
  2. Proverbs 19:20: Seek Godly Advice
  3. James 4:1: Narrow Down Your Choices
  4. James 1:22: Do Something - Even If It Is To Be Still
  5. Psalms 28:7: Give Thanks For Answers

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