Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Thoughts to My Past: Failure

If I could write myself a letter at 17 & 23 (ask me privately why I chose those years of my life...) this is what it would say to me, as an "adult." The focus of this letter is failure, the ultimate teacher. 


I am writing you this letter as a 32-year-old woman, still learning to cope with this thing called failure and it sucks! While in the midst of it, it feels like walking in a smoky room with windows and a door out, but due to the intense smoke it is hard to find your way out. The feeling of being in a heightened threat state is a miserable place to be. The feeling of having clouded judgment based on emotions rather than logic is a miserable place to be. The feeling of not knowing what your next step should be is a miserable place to be. The feeling of deep and true pain and sadness can be overwhelming. 

But let's be real, we have really messed something ups - either through lack of knowledge, preparation, understanding, or the other multitude of reasons we fail at something. But failure always produced growth, even the most beautiful things in life have flaws. At the moment I promise that the failure may feel, well... shitty, but this too will pass. I guarantee you when it does, and you reflect and write about it. You will count it all as joy, and understand the blessing and grace that you have received.

Here is the amazing silver lining, every time you feel a setback, you bounce back better than you were before. Time has shown this to be true, we count it all as joy. Because we now know and recognize that every time

Bounce, bounce back
Shake it off, get right on track
I'm moving on - Gotta put it in the past
Bounce, bounce back
Snap your fingers and just like that - I let it go
Gotta let it fade to black
Like a river - Cry all my tears
I have to swim through it
Dry it off, I'm outta here
Bounce, bounce back
Shake it off, I'm right on track
I'll be moving on

You have managed to bounce back from the failures of both your personal and professional life. Because you reframed the failures to be learnings. Something you can take away from every situation to better guide you in the future. Be proud young lady, and brace yourself, this life is going to be a wild ride.

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