Friday, May 3, 2019

Make It Happen May: Who Am I?

I decided to sneak this post into the series of Make It Happen May. Why? How can we really begin to self reflect, evaluate, and grow if we do not know our current state? How can we really become who we want and desire to be if, we do not know who we are today?

Recently while on a business trip - I was asked, “who are you?”  This question wasn’t asked in the normal context of, “who are you?” And my reply was not that of the typical, “Oh, I am Tiffany” kind of sense.  It was asked in the “who are you really - at the end of this life, who are you?” This is what I came up with…

Who am I?
  • I am vast
  • I am bold 
  • I am intentional 
  • I am classic with a modern twist 
  • I am authentic 
  • I am flawed and imperfect 
  • I am faith filled and tested
  • I am me. 

Reading it back, it sounds super easy and pretty, but the journey to getting to this place with not pathed in rainbows and gold. The truth behind it all is that - iron sharpens iron, it was a tough road and a calling to get here. And keep moving forward. 

I will always and forever be me, the beautifully and intentionally Created (the “c” is capitalized for a reason) me. I may not be this version of me at any other given point of time, but still the core of me remains. Trust me when I say, I have made many mistakes and wondered if and how I can ever recover. But somehow, by the Grace of God, I do. I cannot and do not want to change that - just love this life and truly live it. 

Tasks: Take some time this week when it is quiet, right as you wake up or fall asleep and think of who you are, at the core. Not what you look like. Not the activities you do. But who you truly are, then put it to paper. If you love it, keep it up! If you like it and want to work on yourself, lets do the work. If your not thrilled, which only you will know, let us figure out who we strive to be and fill in the gaps over time. 

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