Monday, March 11, 2019

The Finish Line: Balance For Better

I sit here drafting this post on, the eve of International Women’s Day watching Hidden Figures, and on the brink of showing the world our vision of the future of STEM. We as Black American women have come so far and have so far left to go. I stare into the eyes of my beautiful daughters, 9 and 3 years old, with hope. I hope for success, as they choose to define it. I hope for freedom. I hope for love. I hope for opportunity.

I remember when the movie Hidden Figures came out, and I could not bring myself to go to the theater and watch it. It was a mental block (a very strong block), this feeling of not wanting to be angry or frustrated or hurt. Oh, the hurt, the pain of know what the professional women that came before me had to endure. Knowing that someone(s) came before me and made many a sacrifice to create a path that I now walk. With strength and conviction, I will continue to walk; so, the next “me” does not have to face same challenges that I had/have.

The women of Hidden Figures had to be better than all their peers, just to meet expectations. They had to be so outstanding, with such intellect, that they could not be denied. That is what Balanced for Better means to me. Balancing the opportunity for Better… better decision making, better innovation, better creativity, and better solutions.

When I look back and see how far we have come; go to work and see how far we have left to go, I strike a Balance. A Balance between stop and embrace the progress and go a little harder now. But there is a painful, yet beautiful lesson I have learned, when the path seems too difficult, too hard, too scary – keep pushing, cause one day you will get there. The realism is that you will fail, you fall, and you will not always succeed initially, but you must keep pushing for Balance, cause one day – it all comes together in a glorious moment when it all makes complete sense. 

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