Monday, November 19, 2018

Let 'Em Wonder How We Got This Far....

I noticed I have not written much about my significant other.  I never really thought much about it, and not in a bad way (the "you don’t cross my mind" think about it), but more or so, I am so focused on this thing called Life, and self exploration that I tend to forget those who have helped and prompted me to explore just a bit deeper. And for me that was kind of an enlightening moment (a bit uncomfortable, and maybe a bit sad, as well-I will explain a little more).  So here goes Dougie...

Some things just, some things just make sense
And one of those is you and I
Some things just, some things just make sense
And even after all this time 

Lord only knows, I am not easy. I am not physically or financially demanding, but I am mentally and emotionally demanding, maybe even safe to say taxing. When I need your attention, when I need someone to pull me up, when I need someone to be emotionally and mentally strong because I am exhausted, I need it all. I am a woman on a mission, with a purpose and calling - and that requires a certain type of man and partner. A man who can integrate well with my strong personality (not combat it). If you question its strength, these are some of the scores on my personality assessments:
  • Myers Briggs - ENTJ ("the Commander") 
  • DISC - 85% Dominance 
  • StrengthFinders - Learner, Achiever, Command, Focus, and WOO
A husband that can deal with me being physically gone - and sometimes take a backseat to my purpose (but never notalong for the ride). A man that can handle my mood swings, because it gets real. But most importantly, a husband that can see the future clearly and create a joint vision of our world. 

Over the past 7+ years we have had are fair share of arguments, love, victories, challenges, defeats, and joy. Who we are to each other may not make sense to anyone else but us, but I guess that’s all that matters. “It’s all part of a grander plan that is coming true..” (Rascal Flatts) 

Do you remember...
  • The conversation at the printer that day at Kroger-when I stayed late just to talk to you
  • The first lunch at Avanti's 
  • The first visit to the zoo when you met Emma
  • The spiral staircase in Pekin
  • When you held me as a wept on the floor when I realized my grandmother was dying 
  • The phone call early in the morning on our wedding day
  • Our first ice stormy night in Waco
  • The moment we saw Charley  

You are the person I need by my side, but I also want by my side. To grow together. Learn together. And change this world just a little bit together. “God bless the broken road that led me straight to you.”  (Rascal Flatts) 

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