Saturday, December 31, 2016

Well... Hello, 2017

Looking back at this year, 2016, it's been a good and long one. Last year at this exact time I was sitting in an Embassy Suites, in Tulsa. With my husband, 32 weeks pregnant and soooo uncomfortable, after about a 6.5 hour car ride from Waco. I remember Doug and I ordered a nice dinner for room service, ate and went to bed. Only to be woken up to the loud cheers ringing in the new year - 2016. 

So let me recall this years biggest wins for me and my family:
  1. Celebrated my  beautiful daughter, Emma's, 6th birthday
  2. Welcomed into this beautiful world our newest addition, Charley
  3. Took a new and fantastic role with my organization 
  4. Moved back from Waco to Peoria 
  5. Bought our first home 
  6. Watch my nephew marry his high school sweet heart 
  7. My dad caught 95% blockage in a major artery in his heart that saved his life 
  8. Turned 30! (I think I am doing pretty good for 30, but good can always be better...)
  9. And had true trails in life this year, yet, we are standing here - with a hearts filled with thanks, praises, and love.
Let's focus on this things that helped moved us and our causes forward. Here is to 2016-it's been real! ✌️As for 2017, let's be Vast & be Brilliant.

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