Monday, August 1, 2016

New Aged HR: Me As an HR Professional in the Future

The Future HR Me, How to Develop Those Skills Now

So I have been really molding and developing the current role I possess into the role of my dreams. The role that really has the potential to unleash my best me. Taking all of the information I have learned over the years and transforming me into the professional I want to be.  The role that will push me into uncharted t
erritory and make me the person I have always dreamed of.  

Knowing about my current consultative role, I believe there is a very real and dynamic shift in the approach to people by organizations. That the organizations who adapt this approach early will see the greatest success. Further that they will be capable of sustaining, successfully, the challenges ahead. Therefore professionally, I like to consider myself an "organizational engineer." (This is not related to the psychology theory).

  • As SHRM (society for human resource management) has outlined it, I am a master at new approaches to working, this is not mean physical ways people work. But the processes and policies that we have in place to get the job done. The approaches we use to fulfill our current and new customers needs. Those customize-able and unique approaches to the customers ever changing needs. While maintain a certain level of standardization.
  • The capability of coordinating and facilitating teams in a very global and virtual world. The keen ability to work closing with someone, build trust, and a strong relationship even know you have never met in person. 
  • Then there is the ability to develop all types of leadership.  For the longest time, it seems as though the approach to leadership development has been to use a standardized approach for specific roles and people, primarily leaders with direct reports. (At some point in time leaders of direct reports, did not have direct reports, lets get them ready before they get their role with direct reports!) However, EVERYONE, is different, therefore how we motivate and develop leaders will change from person to person (this idea, I believe, terrifies some traditional HR professionals).
    • Further, I challenge you to begin leadership development at the lower levels of an organization. If you are looking to retain great talent throughout your organization, in the day in age of talent "poaching," then start early.
  • Finally, the largest and most important aspect of the organizational engineer is their ability to leverage a strong and mighty network, maintain high levels of agility and flexibility, and utilize the previous two functions (development and coordination) to create trust and influence. (Just typing this makes me so excited! It's the little things in life, you know!)
I am 95% sure there are going to be a very vocal, probably small, group of people won't like this shift and will oppose it in the corporate world, but I am 100% sure it is a necessity. With that, I am an business professional with an expertise in HR, I am an HR professional who will find ways to tie my objectives back to the business strategy and support it with hard data. Then provide you with results. Who do you want to be?

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