Friday, August 26, 2016

Hearing Does Not Equal Listening

I was once told that God gives up two ears and one mouth for a reason. Now, let me put this into perspective for you, this is usually said by a parent (more likely than not during my teenage years...) to prove some sort of a parental-esqe point. But as I grew older and begin to think a little more about my life and purpose. I find this to be absolutely true. For quite awhile I just heard people, I heard their advice and I heard their perspective. But I never really got it. I never really allowed it to "sink in" per say. I never really listened. That is the difference between listening and hearing. 

To hear something with thoughtful attention: give consideration
To perceive or apprehend by the ear

Now after reading the definition of listening and hearing, we can begin to see the difference a little more clearly. Hearing comes across to me, as more the physical aspect of sound, your ear catching sound waves as they move through the environment. Listening requires a level of cognitive analysis and though. Listening at the most basic level says to me, I am thinking about, and possibly reasoning, what you are saying to me.

Think of this:
Listen to someone
Hear someone

Listen someone
Hear to someone

Listen to the cello

Hear the cello

Listen the cello
Hear to the cello

Now really think about the thought that goes into the above phrases. For the word listen, listening, or listened it is almost always followed by a preposition, then followed by an article, then followed by a noun. The very nature of the word listen grammatically shows that it is the active form associated with a noun. The taking in of information and determining courses of action, following the perception and analysis of that information. Listening is an active perception of information.

Now lets stop hearing and start listening.


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