Monday, June 27, 2016

Back to the Basics - Work Travel

I wanted to return to some information that is more practical, versus my traditional thought provoking post. So in this installment lets discuss, Back to Basics - Work Travel. In this post I will outline the basic things that I use for travel for work and how I make it happen with minimal luggage and at least 1 free hand (that free hand is a huge deal!).

For more information on Travel Etiquette-check this out!

I use a Madewell Transport Tote and this
holds everything that I need for a weeks
travel that I do not want in my suitcase.
Plus it transitions into a work bag, once
I get the my destination. 
I know the tradition is to "dress up" when you travel, especially via airplane. But I like to be comfortable and more importantly mobile, now this is by no means can be interpreted as "just come in your pajamas." (Please do not!) But I tend to wear easy on and off shoes, for security check points, cute yoga pants or leggings, and layer my outfit up with a extra long cami, cute long t-shirt and a light track jacket or graphic hoodie (and hair up in a pony tail or clip). Here is why I dress the way I do:
1. A single delayed plane can mean a brisk walk/run to another connecting gate.
2. A delayed or missed flight means a lot of waiting around or possibly a stay at a near by hotel.
3. I can also guarantee you, I am not at the airport trying to impress anyone.
4. I layer it up because no matter the time of year, the temperature outside differs from the temperature on the plane, which is different from the temperatures in the airport. On top of that, it also depends on if your a window or aisle seat; and if your on the sun facing side of the plane or not. 

MacBook Air or iPad Mini - This is for TV shows and movies (thank you Netflix and Hulu) while in an airport or a hotel that does not carry a channel that I would normally watch.
My passport fits perfectly into my
small agenda, then I am capable
of taking it out when I am at my
iPhone - All of my flight information is on my mobile apps, but also it is my way of keep in touch with everyone who needs to know where I am.
Bose Headphones - There is quite literally nothing more annoying that a person listening to music of watching TV on a small regional aircraft without headphones.
Back Up Battery - That feeling when you look down at your phone and realize you only have 19% battery left, and you still have 2 hours left in your flight and in need of GPS to get to your hotel once you arrive at your destination. Or even worse, a perpetually delayed flight and a slowly diminishing battery. And ALL the charging stations are being used at the terminal... This is why I carry a back up battery-it's small and portable.
Cosmetic Bag & Things - In this pouch I carry the light amount of make-up that I wear. (A little secret, I keep the necessities, lip stick, lip gloss, hand sanitizer, small lotion, and perfume, with me in my purse in another small version of this cosmetic bag.) I also carry the clear TSA bag for my toiletries, my Clinique 3-step, cotton balls, and Excedrin in this pouch. I also carry disposable Clorox wipes with the tray table and head rest.
Working Essentials - My day planner and notebook, along with my work laptop. I rarely now, ever, carry with my hard copies of work related stuff. Primarily for security and weight sake.  

Everything mentioned above, plus a change of clothes in this bright little bag from container store that condense the size of my clothes. I can fit 3 days worth of clothes in this bag. 

Now everything I mentioned can fit into my smallest suitcase (dimes ions) or my Madewell Transport Tote AND still have 1 hand always free!


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