Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Purposefully Living

I was just recently discussing with my husband my purpose and beliefs in life. My husband made it so perfectly clear to me, for the past 5 or so I have been very purposefully living. Living very consciously. I was living to prove something to myself and achieve personal goals. I wanted to be the one of the best in my field, graduate my M.B.A. program with high distinguishable honors, own a home, and be able to support my growing family. I have managed to do all these things and wonder, “what’s next… have I done everything that I am supposed to do?”

In that moment it dawned on me, how I measured my success was through material feats. However, this was not my long term calling or purpose. These were the easy superficial task, which help establish my personal confidence and work ethic. My purpose is to help make people better, those who want to be better and are willing to work to be better. To leave this world better than it was the day I entered it, and the day I discovered my purpose.

Over the past several years, almost every action and thought, have been focused on a goal. Leading
me to my current place in life. So it can get a bit scary when I feel as though I have “forgotten” my purpose. However, after some thought, prayer, and reflection, I realize that the purpose has just evolved into something much greater.

This is the magnificent beauty in our lives (as I sit here with a baby in my lap spitting up on me #motherhood).

I have come to realize when you approach Life very thankful and deliberate, Life is very generous. I love existing this way, because I am actually living. I have done the things that I have set out to do, with much hard work and sacrifice by myself and my family. However, I refuse to allow myself to become a passive participant in my own life. Like I have said before, and will say again, we have a God given level of influence on the direction of our lives. Don’t waste it, you only live once (YOLO! I just had to say it!)

Let’s see where I am in 5 more years.


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