Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Mommy and Work Life

How can you not love these beautiful and amazing people,
Emma and her huge spirit and laugh, Charley and her
joyous smile and gazing eyes, and my husband - his strength,
love and support. I love every minute of quality time we get. 
So I am not sure if anyone else has this issue (I am assuming so), but it seems to be more of a modern day conundrum. When I was out on maternity leave I had some time to "unplug." This is the first time in many years that I have been truly away from work. (Yes, that even counts vacations, because we all know we still will get a email or a phone call that we will respond too.) I have always made myself available for my peers and customers - but at what expense?

With all the technological advancements, I am "connected" all the time. My new leaders just expressed the importance of being there for my family, especially with a new baby, a new move and a new home. So I began to think about how I allocated my hours in a day. I sat down and wrote how much time I spent on each task approximately everyday.

To be completely transparent, I was not thrilled with my findings. I found that I place a lot of pressure on myself professionally and at home. I spend way too much timing making sure my house is clean and my work is perfect - but to be honest I have 2 beautiful daughters and an amazing husband that I have not been spending enough very focused time with. I don't want to worry myself into to missing out on life, because the "things" I work for cannot come with me when I leave this earth. But all my memories do...

I must remind myself that I am a wife and mother, before a business professional. I must remind myself that my organization is not my sole priority. I must remind myself that it is ok for me to take time for me and my family (Further that this is not a sign weakness-but rather the ultimate strength). So take some time in the near future to reflect on how you spend your hours and know that if you are not happy with the distribution, only you can change it. Because we only have one life to live and no one wants to look back and wonder where their years have gone.


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