Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Worry About Others Much?

I was recently sitting in the local Target parking lot (and for any of those who frequent Target, and this place can become The Hunger Games on a Saturday). As I pull down the main drive aisle I notice a great spot, however, there is car in front of me about to turn down the aisle of MY great parking spot. So I immediately begin to worry that the car in front of me is about to get MY great parking spot.

The most subconscious and consuming thoughts begin to run through my head - I get a bit angry - thinking, "this is MY great spot, I saw this spot first, they better not take MY parking spot." Then the car turns down the aisle and pulls into a spot across the aisle, equally as "close." In fact, probably closer. I then have to laugh at myself and realize, that I completely missed another great opportunity because I was so worried and consumed with the possibility of someone else receiving an opportunity that I initially deemed as my own.  

Once I began to think about this idea a little bit more, I wondered how my times in my life have I missed an opportunity because I was so singularly focused on what someone else is getting (or even might be getting). I do strongly believe that this is a social issue that we struggle with greatly today. Many times we focus on what someone else has, or what someone else is doing to the point that we are incapable of seeing what is, many times, right in front of us. I missed another great parking spot because I was focused on the possibility of someone else getting the spot, what I believed was MY spot. 

Let us change our framing (thought process and outlook on life), when we catch ourselves worrying about what someone else has, is doing, or is getting, change your focus on think about what you have, what you are doing and what you have the potential to get. Then we will see real and great progress in ourselves. Now, does that not feel a much better???


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