Thursday, January 14, 2016

2016 Goals Segment

As many of you may already be aware I am, and have been for several years, apart of the "planner community." With that comes the time of the year when you start fresh with "new" goals; and what better way to hold yourself accountable than to write those goals down.

If you think it, ink it...

I have set my planner up this year, downsizing from a traditional notebook & A-5 size to a personal sized planner. I have it set up in a way that I should only need to carry a single planner for the remainder of the year, not considering I will need to switch in and out monthly and weekly dairy pages.

7 Sections Total
Section 1: Contact Information
Section 2: Dairy (Monthly and Weekly)
Section 3: 2016 Goals (Faith & Family & Personal)
Section 4: 2016 Goals (Financial)
Section 5: Notes
Section 6: Travel
Section 7: Miscellaneous

Now as far as my goals for the year, those remain pretty parallel to the goals I have had in previous years. (A part of my issue with the "new year" is we for some reason feel as though we need to wait until the new year to become a better person. Become a better person now, whether it is June 30  or November 18. Being better does not have to wait, it starts right now... Ok, rant over.) My goals, like in previous years, are still split into 4 segments: faith, family, financial and personal. Click Here to see how the 4 segments break down or Click Here for more information on SMART goals.

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