Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Endings are Simply New Beginnings

Today, I was overcome by a bittersweet feeling. My dad, Craig, who is a well respected engineer with Caterpillar Inc has opted to retire this year. Yesterday was his last day at work, and when he turned his badge in after 40 years of service, I received a text message saying he "felt naked." During the course of his retirement Craig will spend his time on his hobbies (primarily his new Z06 Corvette...) and his grandchildren.

I am so proud of the work and the knowledge that my father has brought to the company, and his vast dedication in the advancement of technology and computer science. What makes what would seemly appear to be a joyous occasion bittersweet, is that fact that since I have been born my father has worked for Caterpillar. I literally know nothing else but him working as an employee with Caterpillar. Further the realization, that I have just started my budding career with the same organization, as his seems to be coming to an end.  I can only hope to live up to the high standards of teamwork, excellence, integrity, commitment, and sustainability that my father has possessed throughout the longevity of his career. So as he is leaving behind his legacy with Caterpillar, I am just starting mine, attempting to fill a rather big pair of shoes and embarking on a journey that will continue to lead my family into the future.

For my dads colleagues and friends at work, this is not a good bye, but more of I will see you later. Whether it be at Bradley or Rivermen games, Kouri's on Friday nights, or while he is out driving that little red corvette. With that Dad, I am so proud of you, and I look forward to the time we can now spend together. All of our love...

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