Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Hello (Future) Darling!

You've got so much up ahead, 
You'll make new friends,
You should see your kids & wife,
And I'd end up saying have no fear
These are nowhere near the best years of your life
-Brad Paisley "Letter to Me"

The day that Emma was born,
was the day I woke up.
I was sitting on the bed this past Sunday having a "conversation" with my 5 year old, Emma, about her being born. (especially in light of a new baby coming.) While talking to her, I began to think about where my life was 6 years ago when I graduated from Augustana College, versus where it is now. I actually had a moment of true happiness and satisfaction. I created a path of my own, stuck with it, and came out a much better person because of it. I know have have grown and I am not done (or near perfect). Although, I have not done what it is I believe I am called to do, just yet; I know I am headed in the right direction.

One day I will get the opportunity to meet the the future me, (Hello Darling!) probably on a random day while standing in the mirror wondering where my years have gone.  And when I do, one of three things will occur in that moment:

1.  I will be able to look at the person I have become and know I did much better than I thought I ever could do. I did things that younger me thought was impossible. I worked at it, had many sleepless nights, and dogged it to achieve greater than I ever imagined I could. What a great place to be.


2.  I will look at the person I have become and smile, knowing that I am right where I should be. I did the work, and now I can be happy and content with who I have become. What a really good place to be. 


3. I will look that the person I have become and become saddened, probably deeply saddened if I have any level of self reflection. Because I could have been so much more - but I only could have been through my own efforts and determination. Those chooses have been mine all along and this is a very unfortunate place to be.  

See, what makes this post so amazing to me is that some people will still miss out on who they
could have become, and blame it on someone else or some circumstance. Some people will never grasp the concept of self reflection, determination through adversity, and living through ambiguity. Worst off this person from circumstance "3" will feel entitled to another persons happiness, because they lack their own. It all takes work... I will either love who I have become or be disappointed. And as of right now, I make no plans to feel a future disappointment. What will you look at future you and see?

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