Thursday, September 10, 2015

When I Grow Up...

Call Yourself by the Name You Want to Be Called

I have had a couple people who read Duvet To Desk ask me why I began writing.  There are a couple a good reasons (good in my mind at least…) that I write and will continue to write this blog.

1: I was told by a couple of my undergraduate professors that I was a terrible writer. For some reason it took some worldly experience for me to begin connecting the dots. And, by connecting the dots, I mean tying information together in a way that my reader can understand that message I am attempting to convey. Then it leads to asking the right questions. Eventually I found that the world became a little bit clearer.  The things happening around me, on multiple levels, began to make more sense.

I keep six honest serving-men
They taught me all I knew;
Their names are What and Why and When
And How and Where and Who.

-The Elephants Child

2: I was told by a very successful (and much admired) former supervisor of mine that the ability to be a great written communicator would help me in my career drastically. At that very moment in time, I knew then that I would need to up my game in the arena of written communication.

3: I felt as though I had a ton of ideas and no really good way to express them, in a safe environment, to the world. I wanted to document my thought journey.  But, what I found was I was taking my own personal stories and relating them back to a specific topic or focus for the post. Therefore, this blog was not just about my career, it was not just about my personal life, but it was about my life and the lessons or “non” lessons (you know! those “big deals” at the moment that turn out to not be big deals at all…) I have learned.

Therefore, I began to write so I could become a better writer and share my message with the world. Seems, kind of noble when I put it that way, but it all began with a somewhat selfish motive. I wanted to improve on a skill that I knew I so desperately needed. Once I began to feel more comfortable about my blog, then I began to feel more comfortable calling myself a writer. I choose to call myself by the name I wanted to be called – A Writer.

But to be completely honest, the biggest lesson I learned from The Professional Gal, was that if I did not take my blog seriously, who would? 

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