Friday, August 7, 2015

Little Drummer Boy: Your Best You

Seldomly do I blog with a very overt tie and correlation to my faith, however, all my posts have my faith weaved into the message at various levels (if you are looking...). But this one will be different, I believe as a group that we have strayed far from the core of our understanding of life, at the most basic level.
I was recently driving and listen to one of my favorite versions of "Little Drummer Boy." Listening to the song sparked my interest and I began to ponder. "Little Drummer Boy" is telling a story, a story about a little boy who finds out the King of Kings has been born. However, the little boy is reluctant to go and see this King because he fears that he doesn't have an adequate gift to give. But, then he realizes that he plays the drum amazingly, and that can be his gift. So the little boy takes his drum and goes to meet the King of Kings. When he meets him he begins to play the drum, and he plays his best for Him. The little boy looks up and realizes that the little Baby is smiling at him - him and his drum. 

"I have no gift to bring... that's fit to give a king."
When thinking about the story, it makes me realize, I can NOT be good at everything. In fact, I am not good at a lot of things. However, it is completely up to me to discover my best self. So, I then focus my energy and lives work at the things I am good at doing. Being sure that I actively seek out those talents and gifts out. That is my gift to the King and to this world.  When I say that we as people have strayed far from the basic premise of life; I mean that we have lost touch with what it is to be our best selves.

"I played my drum for Him... I played my best for Him."

What it is to know who we are, love who we are, without the futile attempts at being something or someone we are not.  As people, we have to find our niche, our place, our passion, and our spot in the world. By being good at what we are meant to be good at, day in and day out, we serve the greater good of the world. 
Be aware that you possess weaknesses, as even the best of us do - But focus not on your weaknesses and play to your strengths.

And play your best with them...

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