Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I'm So Bored with the Conversation: Inaction is Not Action

This is something a couple of months ago I said I would not post (even with several request), however I am so tired. I am tired of the constant and consistent discussion of "woe is me." I am bored with it! Seriously and quiet literally bored! Knowing that this same conversation, insert new name, continues borderline infuriates me. I know many in academia, many of the major networks "talking heads," several TV commentators, and other would be authors would be without a job, a platform, or their fortune and fame if they did not so vocally perpetuate and contribute to this discussion. 

With that I promise I will keep this short and a bit obscure... I am defined by my morals, my personality, my own personal truths, my strength and my dignity. However, I am not defined by my "blackness" or my "woman-ness."  I had NO choice in either of those matters. But what I do possess is a God given level of influence on the direction and course of my life. I live for the now and focus on the future, because my past or someone else's past only holds me back. 

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