Friday, March 27, 2015

Re-Focus on Life

The Reminder

I have decided to post a difficult blog, I have recently found out about the very sudden passing of dear friend from high school. This passing has hurt; but even more reminded me of my own mortality. (Which for all of us, is a very difficult and hard issue to discuss or contemplate.)


I know I am always talking about personal and professional development, learning to co-exist in your private life and work life. But like I have said before, there are times when work needs me and when family needs me. I just need to be sure that my "work needs" are actually needs and not just work "wants." By this is mean, I need to be sure to love my family (especially my precious daughter) and enjoy ever moment with them, because we really never know when it will be our last.


With that Anna thank you for the reminder again and your beautiful life. But better yet, thank you for the memories; the lessons we learned, the tears we shared , the ridiculous laughs we had, and the amazing fun. You have reminded me never to take anything for granted, especially time.


Love Always,

The Professional Gal

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