Sunday, March 8, 2015

Mutlitasking Is Impossible

Duvet to Desk:
By The Professional Gal
Multitasking, Are You Serious?!

So many times I hear from people, “I am great multitasker.” Or I hear the “I can get so much done at one time.” But can we really multitask? Are our brains really capable of functioning at a level where the brain can compete two critical thinking processes at a single moment in time? I do not believe so. (Now you know what I am secretly thinking when someone tells me they are a great multitasker.) Therefore, if the task requires any conscious thought, than another task requiring conscious thought cannot be completed at that same moment. Further, if you are not thinking about the task, and that task is being cometed, then the task is being completed unconsciously (this begs a whole another argument, how much do we do unconsciously…Driving...?).
For any critical thinking task, your brain operates as a single runway airport.
Meaning only one plane can land or take-off at a single point in time.
Or one task can be completed at a single point in time.

Now I want you to picture the operations of your brain as a single (1) run-way airport. Now knowing what we know about airports and control towers, we know that at this particular airport only 1 plane is capable of taking off or landing at a time (I chose the word "or" with good intent). Therefore, the airport is only capable of landing a single (that's right ONLY 1) plane at a time or taking off a single plane at a time. This is very much how our brain functions in regards to completing task that require our consciousness. (This does not include task such as breathing, heart beating, ect, these task to no require conscious attention). 

This same idea is exactly why texting and driving is so dangerous. Our brain is only capable of focusing consciously on one task at a time. Therefore we can text OR we can drive. But no matter how skilled a driver or texter you may be, you will not be capable of texting AND driving. Because as we have already discussed, your brain is like a single airport runway so you are not paying attention to something, and unfortunately it may be driving that is not getting your attention.

So next time someone tells you they are a good multitasker, think to yourself, what task is not being completed with 100% of your focus...

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