Monday, February 16, 2015

So I Hope You Know...

So I Hope You Know...

I hope you know that you are the reason for my smile, my fortitude, my strength and confidence. I hope you know, that you are the reason I am who I am today.
I really believe what separates me from many of my peers are my life experiences. Knowing what it feels like to hit the lowest point in life, then knowing that YOU are the only person who can decided to pick YOU back up. (Although a great support system does help...) When Emma was born this day 5 years ago, I decided then that I wanted a new and better life. I wanted to live the life I had always imagined.
Emma, you re-instilled in me the motivation and determination that I once thought I lost.

Thank You

Today I am taking the time to thank you. To thank you for being a wonderful daughter and making me a better person. To thank you for bringing the beauty back to my life and the light to my eyes. So on such a amazing and wonderful day, I wish you only the happiest birthday to my dearest Emma.

Emma at 4 years

Emma at Disney World

Emma's shoes with
my wedding dress

Emma 3 at Heritage Days

Emma 3 swimming

Emma 3 at the 4th of July

Emma's 1st Birthday Party

Emma's Pea Coat

Baby Emma

One of my all time
favorite pictures of Emma

Emma at 1 month

Emma's Birth Date

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