Sunday, February 8, 2015

Goals: Personally & Professionally

When I create my SMART goals (See my post on SMART Goal-ing 2015 and Worst Saying Ever)  they can all be aligned or bucketed into 4 distinct categories that work for me. These categories stay the same all the time, but the focus within them can shift. Fufther these goals align perfectly in both my personal and professional life.

These are goals that align to the development and furthering of my faith. For example, a better and strong focus on  prayer and understanding of my faith.

Goals that I have the directly relate to the financial situation for myself & my family. These goals can consist of debit elimination and savings plans.
Goals that I have for the entire family. For example, one of my goals is for my husband and I to have a date night twice a month. Also for us to have 1 family vacation and 1 romantic vacation this year.

Goals that align with personal are goals that pertain to my growth as an individual. For example, a goal like this is can be a gain a specific certificate or complete a training.

As I previously explained, my husband and I discuss our goals together to be sure nothing he wants to do or nothing I want to do will conflict with the other. The goals you have as an individual should not be counter productive to the progress of your family, finances, or faith and vice-versa. All your goals should aligned and fit well together, this does require discussion with your significant other about both of your future. But what a great way to continuous get to know eachother...!

Remember... you never have to go it alone!

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