Saturday, July 19, 2014

Learning Through the Lows

Part 2 of 2

Oh, The Places You'll Go!
So it has now been understood that there are high and low points in life. The good that comes of these low points is knowing that now you have become better and grown as a person because of it. Not everyone gets or wants to do this sort of learning... Only those who are willing and open enough to consciously reflect on past events will be capable of thriving from low points. Some could say, "well aren't you just living in the past then." My answer would be, "no." Here's why...

Most of the learning I have done has been while experiencing the lows. Now, during the lows at first you may not see the lesson written on the wall. But once you have stumbled and fallen a couple of times, you become much better at picking yourself up. (This is where the learning is critical.) And eventually, you just stop falling. (...But because we are human it is in our nature to error-so we will stumble.) But, now you know how to handle the events at this low point, because you have seen similar circumstances and are still here and thriving to tell about it. This is why I have the HUGE issue with idea in sports that everyone is a winner-No, not everyone is a winner, not everyone wants to self reflect and face reality. How can you savor success if you have never experienced failure? If everyone is a winner whats the point of trying... Driving a mentality of mediocrity and never completely creating your best self.
Oh, The Places You'll Go!
Oh, The Places You'll Go!

When I look at my life plot, and see the very low points, it serves as a reminder that I will not allow myself to get into that sort of a low place, and stay in that space. There will inevitably be times when I feel hurt, disappointment, sadness, and pain-but that's life. But getting permanently stuck in a rut, its just not for me... I have to taken accountability for my life, because it is My Life: and I have a God given level of influence on where it goes. Life is truly a game and the court is in my head, a balancing act of risk and reward.

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