Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Personal Note...

Over a Year: Thank You!

I would not have ever imagined that a twenty-something with a few good ideas (well, I like to think they are pretty darn good...!) would have been as well received as I have been. Thank you for the success of this blog, I would have never thought that when I published for the first time in May of 2013, that I would have a blog with over 3,100 views! That is about 220 views a month...

Wow! Thank you!
The Professional Gal went from small surface level advice blog, with post regarding cell phones at work, to sharing my personal stories on failure and my attitude towards personal progress.

I feel as though this blog has been tremendous in my own personal growth and development. It has allowed me to do 2 amazing things:
1. Reflect on my life and learn from some of the best and worse Tiffany's. 
2. (most important...) Share this journey with you! In genuine hopes that someone will get some sound advice on either personal or business relations. Better yet, that my audience will learn from some of my life lessons and take that information out into the world, from The Professional Gal. 

In 'honor' of this joyous moment I have started a twitter feed for The Professional Gal @the_profess_gal, Follow Me! Also feel free to share this blog with friends, family, peers and co-workers on instagram, facebook and twitter (#theprofessionalgal). 

I could not be happier to have you on this journey with me. And I hope I can give back a little bit of what you have given me. Please stay loyal, it can only get better!


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