Friday, June 13, 2014

Traveling with Finesse

                                                          "What does it mean to pre-board?
Do you get on before you get on?”
-- George Carlin 
When I was younger I always saw these professional people, business men and women alike in airports, and thought that must be the life. True Jetsetters. Going from city to city, staying at hotels and catching cabs and riding in limos. I thought this is something that I would love to do. Then I started doing it...

Here is the deal, although you may still have your weekends; there is nothing like being at home, espeically with your family. There is nothing like being in the physical presence of your family. There is nothing like sleeping in your own bed and going to your own closet for clothing. There is NOTHING like a home cooked meal. Rental cars are not your own car: I dont have all of the little nick-nacks in a rental car that I keep in my own car. Airports are busy and exhausting (unless you fly out of Waco, Tx.). Then there are airplanes.... where do I begin with airplanes. Well, airplane are like rockets filled with unclean air and bacteria-just waiting in the air, floor, seats, and magazines.

But we have to do it... In this ever evolving, competative and global world, long gone are the days of having a job in a single stationary location for the entirety of ones career. So if you have to travel-travel with finesse. Finesse you say... well, that would be traveling in style (in my own words) or handling travel well. Because you are going to have to do it, at least do it right!

These are the top 10 things I do when I travel to make it easier (for everyone, my husband, my daughter, and me):
  1. Make your new location home: Get out of your hotel! Your going to be there, so you might as well enjoy it. Drive around and see what it is in area. Take advantage of the activities that may be occuring in the area. But better yet, try to get to know the people who live there.
  2. Skype/SameTime: There is nothing better than seeing my family so I talk to my husband and daughter (and my parents) everyday when I am away. Sometimes twice a day (when I first get off work and right before bed), we always kiss each other goodnight. :)
  3. Be extremely courteous to the hotel staff and airport personell: These people are like gold! Not only are your representing your organization but they can be the best people you meet on the road. They many times know the hidden gems for restaurants and shopping; plus if you ever need their assistance they will go out of their way to help a friendly customer.
  4. Know airport regulations:  Just know it, the last thing you want to do is hold up security, have to throw away your favorite perfume, or check a bag because of its size (I have witnessed it and security can get a little mean and/or scary...). Nothing like getting stuck behind someone who did know they could not carry their gaint 18 oz. lotion in their carry-on. You can always look it up here.
  5. Do not work 24/7: I repeat: Do Not Work 24/7.  I have the terrible habit of working when I get back to the hotel, because I figure I have nothing else to do. I have had to tell myself not to do that. I will easily burn out of work if I work 24/7. 
  6. Bring home with you: I always have my iPhone, but I usually have my iPad too. On my iPad is the slide show with pictures of my family. This is home, so when I see the slide show running in my hotel room I feel closer and more connected to home.
  7. Subscribe: Netflix or Hulu instant streaming is amazing. It is the best way to catch up on television that you miss, TV channels your hotel does not offer, or watch some of your favorite movies while you are on the road.
  8. Pack ONLY what you need: I have the terrible tendency of over packing (every single time, it never fails). Over thinking what I will need to ware or use. Then at the end of the trip I haven't worn 50% of the clothing I have packed and left un-used most of the random gadgits I brought. And now I am stuck lugging around a heavy suitcase. 
  9. Keep a travel bag: This travel bag is ready to go at a moments notice. It has all of the cosmetics, soaps, cremes, small perfumes, toothbrush and toothpaste, ext that I will need when away form home. In a TSA approved clear plastic bag. This will cut down tremendously on the time that it takes for you to pack.
  10. Enjoy it!: There has got to be something that is enjoyable about the travel. The way I see it is if you find something to enjoy while I am are traveling, than one day you will look back and love the places that I have been.  
I love to visit new locations and exeprience different things, because I learn while I travel. However, sitting in my office at a single stationary location has many benefits. But the best yet, is hugging my husband and daughter at the end of every day.

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