Saturday, June 7, 2014

Dealing with Ambiguity

As of late I have found myself in many very unfamiliar situations. Whether it has been traveling to new facilities in "foreign" lands (all domestic... But I like to think of them as foreign), learning new leadership and facility management, relocating my entire family 900+ miles from our home, and just not knowing what will happen next in our or my life. 

There is one thing that I do know for certain-I plan for the uncertain. Ok, your probably asking yourself what sense does that make. Well... perfect sense to me. How I see it is if I attempt to use my knowledge of the past situations that have parallels to the situation I am in currently involved with, that I may be able to predict the outcome or situational behaviors with more accuracy than just blindly moving forward. Now this is not to say that it is a 100% accurate science, but it does serve to be effective. And in a situations where there is an unknown, effective is all I need.   
Decision making when you do not have the whole picture can be difficult. I found that I try to paint/draw/crayola (whatever it takes) the rest of picture based off of what I already see, know, or past experiences. Can you cope with the uncertainty in change? Can you cope with the risk? Can you cope with the possible outcomes: good, bad or indifferent? Can you cope with a dynamic and complex world? That's the premises of dealing with ambiguity; understanding that although I don't know what is coming for certain I am going to attempt to be as prepared as possible and accept all risk associated with my decisions with grace, integrity, and excellence.
"The only constant is change."

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