Friday, May 10, 2013

Professional Mission

The Professional Gal. 

A light blend of seriousness, a dose of humor, a touch of newly gained wisdom, and tons of love...

Whats this about???
This blog is primarily a compilation of my experiences, learning lessons, advice from others in the field, new knowledge. Much of this information is in response to the encounters I have had in the corporate professional world while working for a Fortune 50 organization.

Trust me, I will never use names-primarily because I want to protect the people who say things that never cease to amaze me. Also, however, to maintain a high level of integrity and professionalism.

A little bit about me, beyond being ambitious and determined, I am very hard working and always looking for new and creative ways to drive change. Have a true love for family, people (some people anyway), handbags, and learning.
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Personal Mission
I decided to create a personal mission statement that I will hold myself accountable to throughout the duration of my career. (Please feel free to send me your thoughts and comments...)

To be a catalyst of change: to promote, to inquire, and to understand change while intentionally maintaining a genuine concern for people. Meaningfully placing myself in positions to learn, to lead, and grow professionally with integrity and excellence.
-Seek ways to make a difference (professionally and personally)
-Continually expand my understanding of people as invaluable assets to an organization.

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What we need to know... (Or at least think about.)
At times I feel that young professionals looking forward to their futures as potential leaders, have to create boundaries from the beginning (something we tend to neglect). So keep these in mind (And as always your input is valued.):

-We have to know what it is that we are looking for-what is our "end game." Because we need to know how far it is that we want to go.

-We need to know how far we are willing to push ourselves in order to attain high levels of professional success. Because like everything in life, making one decision and not the other leaves a level of opportunity cost. How much are you willing to miss out on?

-We have to know that every opportunity and every situation is learning. Because the smartest people know they don't know it all.

-Lastly, we have to genuinely be passionate about what we do. Because we can not leave a mark, make change, and influence thoughts; without a genuine concern and passion for what we are doing. People can sense that (much like they sense fear...).

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Please feel free to send me topics you would like discuss or like to have me weigh-in on.

Be apart of a team. Lead with integrity. Remain committed to your core values.


The Young & Professional Gal

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