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Leadership Quotes

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Below are some quotes that can change your prospective of the world, help you when you are having difficulties leading, or just need something better than what you have. These quotes come from books that I have read and people that I have met. For some reason these stood out to me and resonated well with me.
I have attempted to provide you with all the sources, some of them of fellow co-workers, leaders and peers from within my organization.
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“All effective leaders appreciate the power of image, and they strive, to greater or lesser degrees, to develop about themselves an image if leadership suited to the psychology of those they lead.”
-Elizabeth I CEO, Strategic Lessons from the Leader Who Built an Empire
Leadership is about image, what you convey to your people both internally and externally. Leaders march in front of their troops, but their troops keep them from walking off a cliff. Therefore, good leaders will mold themselves into the leader that they know their people need. One could ask is that not being true to oneself? –No, I would argue effective leaders know what their people need and lead for those purposes.
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"A society that cultivates individual success."
-John Galt, Atlas Shrugged
In our current state, we should really be focused on creating a culture that celebrates the individual success. Here is why, the individual success, if it is true success was create/done/established by that hard work of that individual. It is about creating a culture that believes in good work ethic, determination and minimal hand outs.
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"Penny wise-Pound foolish."
-HR Leader
We should never we so focused on the small details that we can no longer see the big picture. It is really about finding the perfect balance. This is where having a great diverse and inclusive team comes into place. People have different perspective and different likes and dislikes; this will allow a team to get the big picture and the details.
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"Systems are not number one. They are number four-after serving God, serving people, and being a merchant. Systems exist only to make the first three possible."
-David Green, CEO Hobby Lobby, Keep it Simple
Sometimes we forget that we are in business for our customers and for the people that work alongside of us. We are not running businesses, organizations, and companies just to create processes. We are doing the things we are doing foremost because it is right (regardless of your religious beliefs), then because of our employees, and our customers. We must not allow ourselves to forget that our processes are number 1. If we start with that mentality, then eventually the profit you are searching for will diminish.
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"You lead people and manage things."
-Facility Supervisor
I was having a discussion with a supervisor who was very well liked by his employees. He told me that you cannot manage a person, which is a way to diminish engagement. However, when you lead people you drive high levels of engagement. This makes managing processes much easier; because when you are dealing with people that only thing that you should be managing are processes not your employees.
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"I will sell you before I tell you."
-Change Management Specialist
The most important thing to understand in change is that change is difficult for everyone. It is difficult for a new employee, it’s difficult for an employee with 20 years of seniority, it’s difficult for the person creating the process.  To make change easier for an organization you need to sell people on the idea of change. You CANNOT be successful in change by just telling people what they are about to encounter and what they will be doing.  Employees need to know the “WIIFM” what’s in it for me. This will drive change and making it a much easier and much more fluid shift.  
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Be a part of a team. Lead with integrity. Remain committed to your core values.
The Young & Professional Gal

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