Friday, May 24, 2013

Be Clever and Stand Out

The Professional Gal.

Creative Ideas for Standing Out

The New Trend on Online Resumes:

This is the future of marketing yourself, it displays a level of creativity and professionalism that some may say is a dying trend. Also, this allows you a show someone your personality, your ability to present cleanly, and your communication skills.

I will warn you that this does require a time commitment to get it completed, and completed the right way. Email me with any questions you may have about setting up a Prezi account or getting started.

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Find me on LinkedIn:

Great for networking and sharing business related information. But remember this is not FaceBook, keep it professional ladies and gentlemen.

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New Take on the Traditional Paper Resume:

This resume has all of my contact information on it (including name address, email contacts, and phone number).

It also includes something that is rather new for me, my personal mission statement.  (Which you can read more about on one of my earlier blog post.) But this is something that I hold myself very accountable to now and going forward.

Then I have the normal resume details, education, professional experience, and a little peak into my personality with the color scheme.

Please feel free to email me if you every want a resume critique or need ideas as to how to start your resume and what information to include.

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Be a part of a team. Lead with integrity. Remain committed to your core values.


The Young & Professional Gal             

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