Sunday, March 22, 2020

Now Is The Time: Refocus & Re-energize

Hey Loves!

Thank you so much for rocking with me! I wanted to provide you with a little update on my life since my last post. Things have been on the uptick, my girl Rona (COVID-19) has allowed me to slow down and put things into perspective (when I am not at work in a heightened state of readiness, let's face it, being an HR Manager is not for the faint of heart). 

However, I am still optimistic about this year! There are so many beautiful and amazing things happening that I cannot help but look forward too. I will be spending my free time refocusing, re-energizing, and blogging!

Do not let this get you down people! I was driving home yesterday and thought, life is so short, do not spend it with people who should not be in your life, or waste it on a worry that is not worth the worry, or use it being or feeling unloved or unhappy. You know what I always say... 

"If time were the currency by which we measure the success of our lives;
would we spend it differently?"

Now is the time to live that way! 

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