Monday, February 24, 2020

From One Woman to Another: Your Network is Your Net Worth

This is not just about promotions - this is about getting things done and getting information. I know in my last post, yesterday, we discussed What Happens When You’re Not in the Room, but this is the extension of that information. The network you build and maintain is how you affect change and get things done. Remember we talked about the need for A Safe Support System and Build Trusting Relationships, this is truly about who you surround yourself with, how you maintain these relations, and why you have them to begin. This is both personally and professionally, your network should be a strong blend of both. Now you are probably wondering, what should your network consist of (in no particular order):
The person(s) who knows how to get things done. This is the person who gets things done, they are high on execution and know-how to deliver, 
The person(s) with connections to other people. This is the person who knows who does what, who is involved in what and can get you to the right person to get things done. 
The person(s) who has the information and understanding. This person has the “inside scope” this is the person who knows what is coming, what the priorities are, and how to align to know. The best thing about this person is, its not a gossipy person, they listen and listen with intent - the can deduce with a high degree of accuracy what’s to come and share this information with people can impact things.
The person(s) who has the influence and power. This is someone who has been in the “game” for a while. They know that their brand and reputation helps them to get things done. 
The advocate. This person can be a blend of both the person above, influence and power, and advocacy. This is the person who will speak on your behalf when you are not present to do it. But they will also give the credit where the credit is due.
The person(s) who is your safe support
When you have a healthy blend of these things, you have an intentional network that can deliver results. It took me quite a bit of time to realize information and influence are truly powerful.

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