Monday, February 24, 2020

From One Woman to Another: I Promise, You Are Not Alone

It hurts sometimes, it really does. Somethings you feel beaten, defeated, and maybe even broken - but you are not alone in this. I recall in my very recent past, coming to work one day and just pulling into the parking lot and feeling like I was on an island alone. Then I thought too about 5 years ago in another challenging role and having a moment of insight. I recalled talking to one of my leaders during a problematic situation in which I felt like no one had my back. She reminded me that I am not on an island alone.
I know it is hard, and I am 9 days into black history month (well 24... but that's another story...)  and haven’t had to mention race or gender in any of these blogs, but it sometimes feels even more lonely as a black female.

I hate to say it, but in the corporate world, as a black female, you are sometimes looked at as a unicorn. A legit unicorn! Like an “I have never seen this before… how does it work…” Couple that with the fact that, for me, I am pretty straight forward and transparent. I feel as though some people do not see me for me. That is why I feel like I am on an island alone. Many of us have worked very hard to get and stay at the table, but just because its hard doesn’t mean we quit the fight. Fight on, because someone else did for you. You fight so someone else can be where you are. Trust me, if it was easy, then everyone would be doing it.

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