Monday, February 24, 2020

From One Woman to Another: The Art of Influential Leadership

Influential leadership, the art of getting someone to do something that you would like them to do all while the individual wants to do it. Wow! This is a beautiful craft! We have to keep in mind that nothing that changed the world ever gets done, or changes without the ability to get someone(s) to act, change or stop a behavior. This is an incredible resource of influence to have. This ties back to a couple of the previous post that I have done in this series (it all is connected, I hope you see that by the end of this series):
I have found strength in my network, reputation, and behavioral background. The intentionality of slowing down to think through the desired outcome and all the tasks, systems, and processes impacted by the change we would like to effect. But more importantly, nothing significant has ever been single-handedly accomplished by 1 individual. The saying, “it takes a village,” is so true. It takes many of us moving in a direction to see the impact, and to get people to move with you - you will have to influence them and get their buy-in to your vision and make it their own cause.

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