Sunday, November 24, 2019

Young & Free - You Don't Own Me...

I am just going to start with this because this post requires clarification. This is a very light-hearted post - and a more positive and happy glimpse into my mind! I am an enigma. Enjoy and humor me, with my discussion and thoughts around my first realization that I was a woman, and a modern-day "w-o-m-e-n."  (I tend to tread very lightly with the "f" - feminist - word… a whole other post is needed for that

Here we go! It’s so funny - but the song "You Don’t Own Me", by Lesley Gore has secretly been my female theme song since I was like 8. (I promise, I could not just make this up!) I remember watching The First Wives Club, on HBO, and watching Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn, and Diane Keaton singing in the last scene of the movie in all white. Having grown together in their "incredibleness" and really done what no one thought they could - move forward. Several years later, when I was away at Augustana College I bought the DVD. (I even bought a white Marc Andrews single breasted pea coat that I LOVED because of this movie!)

My 21st Birthday in Downtown Davenport, Iowa.
(Circa 2007) and that infamous Marc Andrew white coat.

I always loved the feel of the movie, the hurt, the laughter, the growth, the humility, the beauty, and the empowerment. This is me and my fabulous 4 friends! Couple that with "You don’t own me…" in that sultry Bette Midler voice, and that’s the moment when the first seeds of thinking began - I will not become a woman defined solely by her relationship to her significant other. My spirit has always been young and free - always will be.

We all encounter people who will "try us." Try to change us. Try to make us feel less than. Try to tell us how to live. Try to explain that our feelings aren’t real. Try to deceive us. But in order for that to happen, we have to allow them to “own” us; not allowing room for us be ourselves. With that - you don’t own me, don’t try to change me in any way...haha! Life is such a beautiful and fun ride! 

P.S. I drafted this blog over a year ago, I believe it was November of 2018, I just couldn’t find the "right" mood to finish it…

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