Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Time As A Currency for Success

I have written about the intentionality of life many times, almost every time I write/post. I promise you, it is the most amazing and frustrating thing for me to live by. Why? (Seriously it is both enlightening and disappointing; it is both beautiful and ugly; and it is both joyous and disheartening)

Intentionality Post: (Told you, just to name a few…Its kind of my niche)

It's amazing because sometimes when I just stop and think - I can truly live in the moment. I have had these moments when I am spending time with my daughters - walking down the street of a new and fun city - engaging in a huge body of water - when I am presenting and see people having moments of insight. If I didn’t just stop and just live, I would have never seenthese moments (the moments happened, regardless if I saw them or not, because perception is reality). These are the moments I live for, fleeting and beautiful. 

However, on the opposing side of this, is a little something called unconscious living-the new normal. I find this when I look back at my life, in reflection, and realize I fell victim to responding to worldly stimuli unconsciously. Meaning, I just did something just to do something. Unconsciously living with minimal intentionality behind my actions. Walking in a haze and just getting by.

This is life and it happens, sometimes I have to go into autopilot. But I actively try to minimize the frequency in which that happens. Honestly, that is a part of why I still blog. Because it allows for me to self reflect and draw out insight. I recently listened to a podcast and the speaker said "it’s amazing how life, if you pay attention to what is happening in life, it really can become very informative of how to continue to shape your life - you just have to pay attention to how things are shaping up and forming and let them continue to guide you.”

"If time were the currency by which we measure the success of our lives; would we spend it differently?"
-Tiffany Curry

So when it comes to intentionality; many people have asked me how do I do it, how do I balance it, how do I seem to enjoy it. I try and pay attention, most of the time. This takes practice, it is very much a muscle that I am trying to continually exercise. I am not going to live just to live, I by Grace will live to thrive and see others thrive.  This life is too awe-filled and amazing, to not allow ourselves to maximize the beauty, and minimize the distractions.

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