Monday, April 15, 2019

Letting Go & Letting Grow: Freedom Aint Easy

I know that it might seem like an oxymoron for us to stay. But when we stop and think about it; the initial steps towards freedom tend to be hard. In this week of Passover, Palm Sunday, and the Holiest Week for the Christian and the Jewish faith around the world; this is something worth reflecting. Those first few steps (decisions and actions) to getting out of a certain life circumstance; whether is be a toxic relationship, debt, developing purpose and passion, or the job you hate - aint easy. You know, Growing Pains... The things that seem counter to freedom, are actually what frees us the most. 

Our human nature is to calculate risk and reward. However in that calculation we unconsciously miscalculate - sometimes to our own detriment. We tend to increase the risk and minimize the reward. We have an intrinsic desire to not feel pain; both physical and emotional hurt. This is due to our brains processing both types of pain (physical and emotional) almost the exact same way. So when I say freedom hurts, it hurts because we are trying to avoid a very strong emotional pain. The constant avoidance of the feelings of disappointment, hurt, or missing out (#FOMO). Becoming a slave to our impulses instead of controlling and understanding our direction and life. 

In order for us to achieve the freedom we desire, we have to consciously take steps in the right direction. Sometimes that one step is the most hardest step that we will take. Metaphorically speaking, picking up our cross and carrying it. But the irony of it all is that, the first initial steps is where freedom begins. We start feel the loosen of the bounds and chains of the things that have held us back. Letting go of the situation or circumstance that brings us no long term pleasure, but has become the normal. Letting go of that toxic person(s), and all of the negative energy they possess. Acknowledging that we have addiction and beginning to move forward, with the right support. Understanding that we need to be financially more responsible - and putting plans into action. 

Freedom hurts because the first step is hard. But once we realize that every step after that becomes easier and easier, we start to feel the momentum of freedom. With freedom comes fulfillment, with fulfillment come promise - a release from our instant need of gratification and higher level of consciousness. Knowing that freedom - real freedom - aint easy. So what do you really desire?

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