Thursday, February 14, 2019

Serendipitous Connections

Many people ask me why I love to travel and what would miss the most about it if I stopped…

Thinking about it, in the most intimate and reflective terms, I have encountered the most amazing people. From people I have met on business, to flight attendants, to staff and other travelers at airports, to hotel staff, and uber/lyft/cab drivers. And just for a moment, a precious and single moment, our lives have connected. Like two forceful rivers connecting and separating, moving on with their forward paths, but sharing water for that brief moment and never being the same thereafter.

For just a moment we shared the same space, lived a similar experience, and connected. Our lives, although separate, shared these moments; yet brief, made an impact on all of us - then continued to move and progress forward. The irony is we can only connect, if we allow ourselves to be our most authentic person. Checking judgement and pride at the door, and embracing all people, and I mean ALL people, as our own.

This is what I love about travel. This is what, if I couldn’t see the world I would miss the most. The connections, although we may never met again, I often wonder, "what ever happened to…" And then, every once in a while, every serendipitous occasion, we meet someone, who we meet again. Who we originally met in passing and thought, we may never connect again-but yet the moment connected to our lives.  Although the odds may have been slim, we reconnected. When once we reconnect, we see where this thing called life has taken the connection. What grew, what changed, what stayed the same…

Serendipitous (adj.) - occurring or discovered by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

I had this moment this past week with a beautiful woman I met in October of 2017, and had the most amazing chance to reconnect with in February of 2019. A brief encounter that left a lasting impact on both of us, well at least me, that I can speak of. This is what life is actually about-this beautiful thing that I am falling in love with.

The connections.

It is not about the houses, the cars, the professional titles, and the material things that pass away. I have often thought this about people who are in our lives for a brief season, and then gracefully depart. It is about the connections that stay with us, and materialize into an energy that only our Creator could understand.

Happy Valentines Day, from me to you. If we have not connected, I hope one day we do. And if we already have, lets continue to reconnect.

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