Saturday, January 12, 2019

Letting Go & Letting Grow: Why Worry… & Let Live

What is the whole point in living this life, if I cannot "live" because I always feel so compelled to "do."

I have always loved the song I Hope You Dance, it has always spoken to me when I needed it most. For the past seven years I have been striving towards a more intentional life. And as I have embarked on this never ending journey of growth, I have found that I still get caught up in life, lost in the "doing." (Literally right now, I caught myself getting lost in the "doing." The "doing" being this blog while I look outside and saw my husband and my 2 year old outside playing in the snow. So I stopped writing, threw on some warm and relatively water proof clothes, and ran outside! Because I wanted toDance.) The trials, frustration, and worries of everyday; especially as someone who has "never settle(d) for the path of least resistance," can distract us from the living we are meant to do.  As of late, Lord knows I have had my fair choice of difficult decisions and painful moments. However, looking back on the past, when those previously described moments occurred, the beauty of life still reigns supreme.

Time is a wheel in constant motion always rolling us along
Tell me who wants to look back on their years and wonder
Where those years have gone?

I am focusing on Living & Exemplifying Eunoia as my behavioral change theme for 2019 - for me this means living with a certain level of peace in knowing that I cannot control everything. In fact, I cannot control much at all. I am intentionally focusing on thinkingand beingat a higher level. Because we only have a short period of time on this earth to impact and exist with all of the things around us. And I do not want to be someone who looks "back on their years and wonder(s) where those years have gone?" 

Live & Exemplify Eunoia

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