Sunday, October 14, 2018

Letting Go & Letting Grow: Shake It Off

I must start this blog post with saying, when I look at my metrics on my individual post, I get twice as many reads for my posts on my life, perspective, and growth than any of my other more formal/professional knowledge posts. I always thought that the life, perspective, and growth posts were sappy and sad, but I guess there is a message that I somehow manage to convey! Well, I will keep writing about what I learn from The Professional Gals , the good, the bad and the ugly (lots of ugly).

Ok, now to the topic at hand!

I have found that the hardest part of growth is the two-fold realization that:
  • you do not know everything that there is to know - creating a level of embarrassment and humility
  • then, forgiving yourself for the mistakes that you have made - moving past regret, settling with the guilt and embracing the journey

Once you get to that place, you can kind of just Shake It Off, in the good words of Taylor Swift (yes, I went there... I had too!)

I'll never miss a beat, I'm lightning on my feet
And that's what they don't see, that's what they don't see
I'm dancing on my own, I'll make the moves up as I go
And that's what they don't know, that's what they don't know 
But I keep cruising, can't stop, won't stop grooving
It's like I got this music in my mind saying it's gonna be alright 

This has been the best and most amazing feeling in life. The feeling of knowing it will all be ok and that everything has and will continue to work itself out. The feeling of freedom. The feeling of love. The feeling of wisdom gained. The feeling of trusting yourself again.

So what do I do now? Well, I have grown, and I am drafting a year end post about my theme for this year: Of Sound Spirit, Body, and Mind regarding the feeling of growth in 2018. I still have moments of frustration and sadness; but I have far more moments of joy, clarity and amazement. I care for myself the way that I cared about other things of this world. And the best part about all of this, is the love of God is not the reward for growth, but the resource for it. Just keep that in mind next time your going through "some things!" We are not living for the normal, the easy, or the conventional - we are living for wisdom and the extraordinary. 

Love Always!

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