Monday, September 17, 2018

The Curiosity Quotient

Thomas Friedman states in his book (The World Is Flat) that:

PQ + CQ > IQ

The above E-MC2 "like" equation simply states, Passion Quotient (PQ) + Curiosity Quotient (CQ) is greater than the Intelligence Quotient (IQ).

Yes! There is hope for those like me with run-of-the-mill IQ's!

I have always accepted the belief PQ + CQ > IQ, is absolutely true. I have come across some people and groups/teams with high IQ's (Intelligence Quotient). However, it is very evident that the level of innovation that comes from someone or a group/team with high PQ + CQ far surpasses the group with the high IQ. Something amazing, and almost magical, happens when people have curiosity and passion. 

The recent publication in the Harvard Business Review has a fantastic segment on Curiosity (Click Here). The business benefits are quiet clear:
Fewer decision making errors
More innovation and positive changes
Reduced group conflict
More open communication and better team performance

As a leader, how do you drive and foster curiosity*
Hire for curiosity
my curiosity begs the question: why do we keep hiring for only high GPA's only right out of college 
Model inquisitiveness
my curiosity begs the question: why aren't more leader curious themselves
Emphasis learning goals
my curiosity begs the question: why is personal and professional development not a true and strategic priority for most companies 
Have employees explore and broaden their interest
my curiosity begs the question: why cant employees blend their personal passions with their professional passions
Have "why," "what if," and "how might we," days
my curiosity begs the question: why don’t we take the time to solve our business problems through creativity

Knowing how simple creating a culture of curiosity is, and the benefits of it - why aren't more organizations focusing on it? I honestly believe, it is because we are so busy getting things done, we do not stop to think about how we are actually doing them.

If I could push this research 1 step further, I would love to see correlations to diversity. Some of these benefits of curiosity and how to drive and create curiosity have some very strong parallels to diversity of thinking that leads to innovation.


*The Business Case for Curiosity: Research shows that it leads to higher-performing, more adaptive firms: Francesca Gino

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