Monday, September 24, 2018

Letting Go & Letting Grow: Chapter 3 - Page 1

It happened again, like deja vu…  

It would be a vast understatement for me to say that I have been "going through some things…" But, it is what it is, I take it all as joy. But as I reflect on the past year or so, I find that I have not allowed many people to get to know me. The real me. The vulnerable me. The nerd me. The goofy me. The sensitive and emotionally needy me. Why do we have this tendency to hide our truest self from the world. When we are Called to show the world our truest self.

Knowing that now, I wont stay in a place where no one knows me. I am inviting you, asking you to get a little closer. I will be more conscious of the images that I, they way you get to see me and my life.  As to not contribute to us comparing ourselves to an irrelevant standard of perfection. I am just looking for effort and grace.

I must say it, as hard as it is to say it -
I am glad I have had my tender heart broken
I am joyous that I have learned to take the tough situations as joy
I am blessed to have been knocked off my high horse
I am thankful my plans were disrupted
I am pleased to know that the world doesn’t revolve around me
Best yet, I am so humbled that I was Chosen to recover from it all and share this message.

Bounce, bounce back
Shake it off, get right on track
I'm moving on
Gotta put it in the past
Bounce, bounce back
Snap your fingers and just like that
I let it go
Gotta let it fade to black
Like a river
Cry all my tears
I have to swim through it
Dry it off, I'm outta here
Bounce, bounce back
Shake it off, I'm right on track
I'll be moving on
-Stacie Orrico
The further along I go in life, the more difficult my questions become… Let's see what happens… :)

Bounce Back,

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