Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Current "Glory" & The Real Story

Trust me it wasn't always pretty....

Many times people know your glory, but they do not know your story. I have had peers, friends, and distant family members who believe that I am "successful"… :( I do not feel that way. I feel as though I serve a high calling and have yet to attain that true calling. By all means, these are steps in the right direction but that "achievement" has yet to be attained. Or, it may never be attained in the way that I visualize it.

However, the thing that is most curious to me, is that many believe that where I am was just "attained." That this life just manifested its self into existence. This was gritty, dirty, and sweaty hard work.  Sometimes it was a sad and long story, sometimes it was full of small victories, I many times felt like I was on an island alone at work, and by all means exhausting. Some of those people have not taken into account the stress of 2 large moves in 5 years. The times missed with my babies, more or so Emma, when I am working late/early or traveling. Not considering the times I may have brought a bad day home from work, or a great day home. The times when I was too tired to make dinner, or fun cookies for school the next day.

Know, I had/have an amazing support system. The people who are close to me, will remain as such because I need them around me. They are my support, the people I go to when I need "maintenance" or "service." (Love the car analogy? More to come on that.) These are the scarifies that many of us make for the long term sake of our family and for a element of self fulfillment. It is not always this beautiful, glorious and romantic story, it gets rough. Trust me, it does not look like the movies.  But all some people know is what they see right now, what they see in front of them. And that is ok, if that is someone's inspiration to make a change. Then by all means, see what I am doing and make that change.

So if you want my in-depth story, I have shared bits and pieces of it here. But maybe one day, I will do a series on the entire story. The rest is still unwritten and lets see where it takes us.


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