Sunday, November 6, 2016

Why You Need to Vote

Now, I never talk about my political beliefs, those I believe are private - much like my faith. However, if you read my blog, you should be able to guess where on the political spectrum I fall. Regardless, this is a short message to remind everyone that November 8 is election day and to GET OUT & VOTE.

With my background in American Government and Constitution Law, I will just provide you with a small crash course on government (call it government 101 lite!):

  1. There are 3 distinct branches of government: executive (president), legislative (congress), and judicial (court system) - hints the checks and balances...
  2. The president (executive branch) does not directly "create law," that a power congress (legislative branch), and the justices to determine the legislation's constitutionality.
  3. The supreme court is kinda a big deal, with so many major pieces of law in limbo right now, there is the potential for this court to shape the direction country for many years to come.  P.S. Justices that are appointed to the court and approved by congress are lifetime members of this very small elite club.

But most importantly, the biggest reason to vote is for the down ballot or lower ballot. By that I mean, your LOCAL officials. The federal government does have potential to impact your life, however, your local officials impact your life, your family, your property and your business daily.

This is why you need to vote, regardless of your beliefs on the presidential candidates; because once you really put things into perspective, the president does a lot, but your local officials impact your life directly so much more.

Exercise the right that soldiers have fought to protect and died for, women have lost lives for, and blacks marched, fought, and died to possess -  your right to vote. Because not only is it your right but it is multiple constitutional rights, Article 1 (elected officials), Article 15 (ethnic minorities) and 19 Article (women).

Vote, because you know I am!

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